Earth Day Network is an alliance of 5,000 groups in 184 countries working to promote a healthy environment and a peaceful, just, sustainable world.

Each year, Earth Day inspires a groundswell of grassroots action in communities around the world. People from Peru to India, and from Ireland to the USA take part in Earth Day events and actions which educate, spread awareness and push for tangible change.

Every voice counts; every action matters. Earth Day is based on the simple philosophy that ordinary people, acting together, can achieve extraordinary things.

Whether you organize an Earth Day event, take part in one, or make a personal commitment to the Earth in honor of Earth Day, you are a vital part of the Earth Day movement. Visit our How To section for ideas and tips about Earth Day events and actions.

Earth Day Network is here to support you. We link and promote the work of environmentalists across the planet, increasing public awareness of critical environmental issues, and strengthening the impact of individual network members’ work. When you join the Earth Day Network, you are building a more powerful and cohesive environmental movement and helping to create a global environmental consciousness.

By acting in concert, all over the planet, who says we can’t change the world?