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The Best You Can Do with PS4 Which that Can Save you Some Penny

1.We have another one that a lot of people have missed even though it’s so simple I’m even stupid enough that i didn’t realize this until probably a year after owning a playstation 4 you can use a phone charger to charge your controller you idiot yes i know a lot of you guys are probably make fun of people who didn’t know in the comments including myself but for a while I had that short playstation 4 cable meeting I had to be so close to my console in order to charge my controller and play at the same time of course you can charge controller / standby mode via the ps4 but sometimes that’s not enough if you have an Android phone with a micro USB charger you can just plug in your controller charge it next to you while you play it make your life 10 times easier yes that is probably one of the more simple life hacks we’ve ever put on a list but seriously some people don’t realize this we actually saw a lot of people on forums and read who had no idea we were pleasantly surprised.

2. On our list we have a real hack you want to hack your ps4 and play pirated games for practically nothing well moved to Brazil yes brazil is legendary for its blade and piracy with over fifty percent of all software licenses in Brazil not being original or legit yes apparently there are retail stores in Brazil offering customers who buy ps4 is to install 10 tired games on their ps4 for about a hundred dollars that being said that is a pretty high price in Brazil but you’re getting a bunch of games and they’re technically free of course we’re not condoning piracy but if you’re one of those crazy people that want your game tacked onto your ps4 and if you want to maximize the use of your hardware you don’t care of having some brazilian guy open it up and alter it well then the possibilities are endless just be sure not to update your console firmware because you know Sonia’s probably right on hackers meals.

3. Listen we are players of video games in the 21st century it’s 2015 now and games need constant updates and patches and it’s awful and terrible and annoying that being said with this newer generation of consoles you can make your life 10 times easier setting up automatic downloads will save your life when you go into settings and switch on automatic update your ps4 system searches for game update system updates and content and if you guys want a ps4 you know there’s always something to download whether it’s a game update the software update a patch anything so if you’re not too concerned about bandwidth or using power definitely leave your PlayStation on standby with this setting enable because stuff will download while you sleep like an angel then when you actually go to play a game you don’t wait and sit there while something download or install because it’s already been done for you whether you like it or not don’t you even realising again it seems like an obvious one but some people out there just don’t know this.

4. Take advantage of this cool trick certain new tvs have a setting called HDMI device link the newer sony bravia model TVs do have this and certain Sam someone’s do – I believe if your TV does have this feature go on your ps4 go to your console settings and switch on enable HDMI device link your newer TV will recognize this and display playstation 4 in the input source list and this will mean you can do a couple cool things with your TV and your console it’s almost like they coexist a little bit better now because if your TV and your ps4 both on standby you can hit your controllers playstation button to turn on the console and it will also turn on the TV and then on the other hand if you’re using the TV to watch television or something switching the input on the playstation 4 input will wake the playstation 4 up from standby mode I don’t know about you but while that only seems like it’s just saving five seconds of turning on the power button it’s a pretty badass feature to have your TV and your playstation 4 talk to each other is pretty nice and it almost feels a bit like a pc so HDMI device link look it up if you got it use that feature.

5.I got a physical hardware trick for you say you bring a game over to a friend’s house and you’re playing it on his ps4 now what if suddenly the power goes out or his playstation just completely stopped working that disk is stuck in the drive right there’s no way you can get it out and sucks for you just have to wait until it can get fixed or you know whatever well it turns out there’s actually a trick there is a screw on the outside that manually releases the disk all you have to do is remove the plastic shiny part of the playstation 4 and it’s right there you can save yourself a lot of trouble there especially with some playstation 4 drives already being kind of fall feet just be careful though the screw is really crappy and small so be careful not to strip the screw or break it because then you’re totally shit out of luck so there you have it guys those were ten ps4 hack / tricks that some of you probably didn’t know we designed this list for you guys to get the maximum you sign of your playstation 4 get through settings hardware tricks whatever so we really hope that you could learn a thing or two and ease your gaming life.

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Microsoft To Experiment With Shareware In Xbox One

Finally, it seems that Microsoft has made up its mind to introduce shareware system for its Xbox One console. According to a recent report published by Redditors, the software giant will be launching shareware system on its popular gaming console Xbox One. The shareware system will enable users to play a new game without any restrictions for a 24-hour time-frame. Users need not purchase the game to play it through the shareware system.

Is Shareware system better than the current trials?

Most of the Xbox users think that shareware is better than usual trial versions. In usual trial versions, a user is not allowed to try out the game fully. There are many restrictions, for instance, in a trial version; the gamer is not allowed to go to the next stages after completing the first few stages. He will be prompted to purchase the full version to go to the next stages. Conversely, in shareware, the gamer is allowed to test the game completely. He is free to explore every feature in the game without any issues. The only difference here is that he can’t play the game after the 24-hour time frame.

Microsoft experimenting with shareware for the second time

According to Microsoft help line, it is not the first time that the tech giant is experimenting with shareware system. Shareware was prominent in the early stages of the tech giant’s flagship Microsoft MS-DOS for Pokemon game rom. It used shareware when the first version of Windows was introduced.
Microsoft MS-DOS

Microsoft Support Desk

Shareware systems today

Microsoft help line reports that it was one of the first software developers to try shareware system although it didn’t continue with it for long. It was Android and iOS that reintroduced shareware system in recent times. Currently, shareware system is observed with most of the mobile platform providers. The SDK feature that is present with smartphone platforms is a tweaked form of shareware. Through SDK, game makers offer their games to smartphone platforms for a limited period.

According to studies, shareware is more appealing to the users than the normal trials. While playing the trail version of a game, a user gets to see only a few features. On the other hand, in shareware, the user is allowed to unlock all stages and try out the game fully.

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Xbox One Popular Among Gamers around the World

The black Friday shopping fiesta is over and popular provider of real-time shopper insights, InfoScout, is hard at work, crunching numbers and gathering data about the sales of gaming consoles this year. The debate between various gamers is finally over since the verdict implies Microsoft Xbox One tops the chart when comparing Wii U, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and various other game consoles available in the market.

If the reports are to be believed, Microsoft is performing a lot better in the gaming console sale, outperforming rival products as well as its own previous sales. The latest data reports that Xbox One has grabbed nearly 53 percent of all gaming console sales in Black Friday alone. If this data is to be believed, the sales of Xbox One has surpassed past year’s performance by a wide margin.

Behind Microsoft Xbox One, Sony’s PlayStation 4 comes at the second place with just 31 percent sales including the new Fifa 17. In contrast, sales of Nintendo’s Wii U could grab a user share of merely 6 percent. The search further reveals that the previous gaming console, Xbox 360, had higher sales in comparison to Wii U, with percent shares grabbing merely 9 percent of the market. Hence, the combined assets of Xbox gaming console puts the market share at 62 percent on the Black Friday sales. To know about the best features of Xbox One, contact the Microsoft help line.
Microsoft Xbox One

Gaming Consoles By Microsoft

Gaming console rivals Sony and Microsoft had taken completely different strategies to boost their sales during Black Friday. It seems Microsoft was able to pull off their marketing strategy better. In order to increase the sales, the price of the Xbox One gaming consoles were lowered to merely $329.99 and was available for purchase in several different bundles. Sony was not able to keep up and did not provide as many package bundles. Due to this reason, the PlayStation 4 sales took a hit.

Now that it is clear Xbox One was able to outperform the rest, it remains to be seen whether Microsoft will be able to maintain this trend. In order to do so, Microsoft will have to keep the price tag lower than PlayStation 4, which goes for around $399.99. While providing similar gaming features, PlayStation focuses more on gaming experience alone. In contrast, Xbox One is able to cater to the over-all multi-media experience.

It remains to be seen what strategies Sony would employ in the future. Although it has not slashed its price until now, PlayStation 4 really needs to come up with more offers so that the users are tempted to purchase the same. Contact our Microsoft help line to know more information about the same.

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Nothing Playable at Spaceworld – Three More Weeks!

The news is all over the Internet, and we’ve gotten our own letter from Nintendo saying that there will be no playable code at Nintendo Spaceworld this August. Specifically, the note from NOA’s public relations company, Golin Harris, states, “The system will be revealed, and there is a chance we will see some visuals.”

This comes as no surprise, really — that’s exactly what we hoped to see in Japan. After the emphasis Nintendo has put on its new handheld, Game Boy Advance (which will be playable at the show), the note actually relieves us a bit — we were starting to expect an announcement saying information on the Starcube/Dolphin would be announced at a later date.

Here’s what we expect:

A formal announcement giving the system its final name (possibly “Starcube”).
Possibly a new launch window for the Japanese and US release, with some initial thoughts on the pricing of the unit.
A look at the final casing of the system. There probably won’t be an actual final system, but we’re likely to see some pictures of what it will look like.
A few technical demos showcasing the graphic prowess of the system.
Footage from one or two launch titles for the system, likely shown via VHS tape.
A first look at the system’s controller, reported to be one of the most innovative controllers ever made.

We might see some of the above, and we might not. The fact remains that Nintendo will show something on the its new system, and that’s all we ask for.

There’s even the possibility that we’ll actually see a real system at the show. After all, Matsushita, the company working with Nintendo on manufacturing the unit, has announced that the hardware is complete. If the casing is already finalized, it’s possible we’ll see a working system, although it’s highly doubtful.

What we’re really looking forward to is the fallout after the show. Sure, Nintendo will make some announcements and release information on its system. But once Nintendo breaks the news on its new system, we expect that other companies will then talk about their plans for the Dolphin. We hope Nintendo’s announcements will spur a flood of information from third party developers and major publishers regarding the games we can look forward to playing at or shortly after the system’s launch. Even though most of these companies don’t yet have development kits, you can almost guarantee that developers and publishers are looking at which products they can bring to the console.

We’re looking forward to the announcement regarding Nintendo’s new console. The rumors scattered about the ‘net are endless, and it’ll be nice to put those rumors to rest with some facts.

Additionally, you can look forward to hearing the big scoop on the Game Boy Advance, Nintendo’s new handheld system. Unlike the Starcube/Dolphin, the GBA will, in fact, be playable, and we’ll be able to get our hands on the system and playtest it ourselves. The titles showing off the system , like SimCity Buildit and Silent Hill GBA, sound exciting and are likely to blow us away on the small system. We also hope to finally hear whether or not Metroid will make an appearance on the new handheld, or if it might even be a new title for the Starcube/Dolphin.

As difficult as the last several months have been in the world of Nintendo, the coming weeks offer endless waves of excitement and anticipation as we get closer to the unveiling. August 24th is only three weeks away, and that means only two more Starcube Fridays without real facts. Savor this moment, Nintendo fans — the world is about to be hit with greatness, and we’re going to be there to witness it.

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