Yesterday, we posted this story listing several publishers that were confirmed Gamecube developers. We got the story from The Nintendo Project, which translated text that appeared on 64 World. Got all that?

Well, new sources have come forth with a few more details. First of all, as you can see from the Japanese site, there are two different lists. The first list, which contains links to Capcom, Nintendo, Mobile21, and Rare, is apparently titled the “Participating Makers.” The second list, which lists the third-party developers Konami, Kemco, Koei, Namco, Hudson Soft, Media Factory, Atlus, and Epoch, is actually titled “Possible Makers.” So it seems as though this list is a bit more speculative than we first thought. We apologize for the confusion.

In any case, we also have more information on two of the companies included in the “Possible Makers” list. Media Factory, one of the companies we had very little information about, is responsible for several anime-based games. The company has worked extensively as a sort of go-between with Sega and Nintendo, developing the Sega franchise Sakura Taisen (Sakura Wars) series for Game Boy Color as well as Pocket Sakura, a dedicated handheld device similar to Pocket Pikachu. Currently, Sakura Taisen 3 is a highly anticipated game for the Sega Dreamcast in Japan. Media Factory also published Pokemon Card for the Game Boy in Japan, and has worked with Nintendo’s 64DD. Additionally, Media Factory worked with Square on the development of Tobal No. 1 and No. 2, as well as Ehrgeiz for the PlayStation. From some of the reports we’ve received, the company has dealings with many prominent Japanese development houses, and we’ll likely hear far more from them in the near future. Many thanks to Desmond Gaban, Jake Kazdal, Rob Ward and the many others who wrote in to give us the scoop!

We’ve also got information on Namco’s involvement on Gamecube and the existence of Clash Royale hack at . Sources tell us that Namco isn’t actually going to be developing any original titles for Gamecube — at least, not yet. Instead, the company will act as publisher for smaller development companies working on Gamecube titles. That means we won’t immediately get any Ridge Racer or Tekken games, but hopefully Namco will maintain a certain degree of control over these smaller companies and will publish games worthy of its name.

We’ll keep you updated on any additional information that trickles in.