Bought your tickets already? Don’t forget, Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom is less than 24 hours away from its initial release! This is going to be in 49 countries altogether! And yes, we are all excited to see how humankind (again) neglect to see the other side of the consequences and impacts of forcing to handle and control these dinosaurs again! Humans never learn, do we?

The Excitement To See New Dinosaurs

We have to admit that not only are we excited to watch this movie because of the actors, but most of all because of the dinosaurs that are going to make a rampage over town or the city. We have known from the trailers released that there will be new species making their way to this sequel and we even had a sneak peek! As for me, I am expecting so much from Blue here and I hope I am not wrong. I bet others are, too! And Jeff Goldblum, everyone’s quite expecting a lot from him in this movie. But he had clearly mentioned that he was just like this garnish if it even make its way to the final cut. Let us hope so.

Filming Locations and Date

There’s a list of different locations where this movie was filmed. Kualoa Ranch, O’ahu, Hawaii is quite interesting. The Volcanoes National Park consists of very green landscape, complete with the view of Maunaloa and Kilauea, the known active volcanoes. Is this where they filmed the volcano scenes where they were rescuing Blue and other remaining species? I bet! The landscape says everything! And of course, most of the scenes were filmed in the studio, in Pinewood Studios, Iver Health, Buckinghamshire, England, Uk. This is probably where they had the scenes of the scary T-Rexes and other new species of dinosaurs. Other locations are Langley, Buckinghamshire, and London, England.

Filming actually took five months only, from February 27, 2017- July 8, 2017. And we get to see what the five months of efforts from all the staff and crew of this film bring to us in less than 24 hours! Again, guys, secure your tickets now.

Let’s go back to the Plot!

Okay, before we even get insomniac with the fact that les Jurassic World 2 Fallen Kingdom streaming vf gratuit is a few hours away, let us go back to the plot. It has been four years since the resort was wrecked by the dinosaurs and Isla Nublar is now abandoned. There are still many species left there, Blue included. However, a dormant volcano located in the island has now come to life, and is threatening to wipe out all the life forms that remain.

Owen and Claire decide to do a rescue ops for the remaining dinosaurs from extinction, especially Blue. We know how much he cares for that raptor. Lava already starts to rain down as they arrive to make the rescue. Doing so, they find out that their mission is being sabotaged and the planet is in great danger.

This gives them a new mission, to stop whoever is/are behind this evil plan to use the dinosaurs as war machines. From the trailers, we found out that more species were created. We can clearly remember that in the previous movie, Dr. Wong escaped riding on a chopper with the DNAs of the dinosaurs. With that gap of four years, a lot could happen. And we can only conclude that Dr. Wong and others involve are making use of that four years to take their plans into completion.

Now, that refresher is quite intense but it would be more intense to see it finally on the big screen! I have said this twice in this article and I’ll say it again. Get your tickets now and get ready for a lot of jolts and pop-corn spreading movie!