Prior to any installment of Marvel Cinematic Universe, Stan Lee establishes our favorite Marvel superheroes on papers. Furthermore, his cameos in the movies of the MCU are one of the favorite scenes fans are expecting to see even more. Nonetheless, the latest scene from the movie Ant-Man and The Wasp make the fans wonder if Stan Lee is fine and why that his punch lines are not that very appealing. Anyway, thanks to the movie Ant-Man and the Wasp, we are still seeing Stan Lee healthy and happy about his marvel characters in the screen.

In the movie scene of Ant-Man & the Wasp, we have seen Stan Lee in cameo, it was in the scene which involve chasing where plenty of cars and other things in the screen quickly shrinking and sometimes grow in size to evade one another and there was elderly person trying to go to his parked car when it suddenly shrinks which seems to disappear from sight in front of him. If you can notice that this elderly man is a cameo of Stan Lee who stated in his punch line “60s were great but now I’m paying for it.” That kind of dialogue simply meant to show that Lee’s cameo believes himself to be under the effect of drug abuse. Of course he has no problem about it because they believe that those lines are just to crack joke. We don’t know what is really going on with the mind of the man behind the Marvel Comics but as well all know that that Stan Lee’s health is having some issue and maybe they just add some spicy in the movie like mental health and abuse in our elderly.

As of now, Stan Lee is 95 years old and his health is one of the issues he has been facing day by day. Of course, it is just natural for any individual to face health issues, specially the elderly and Lee’s health at this age is deteriorating after the death of his wife Joan B Lee. In the past few months, we have heard articles about Lee’s complicated and bitter legal battle which also involve as well his daughter, Larry Lieber and Keya Morgan who had currently been doing some business with him. However, there is a story circulating that Keya Morgan is involve in attempted abduction of Lee and making him isolated from his loved ones. There are plenty of falsified deals and contracts and elder abuse which have been levied in multiple directions. Maybe this is right or wrong but there is something going on with Stan Lee and the people around him while having some problems which involve dementia due to aging.

And because of that, it is not hard for fans to understand what is going on with the unusual innocently-intended joke. While most would likely also think that it is not wholly acceptable to hold such reactions and criticize Stan Lee’s Ant-Man and & the Wasp. We have heard in the past, Stan Lees has been involved in his movies 5 times in different MCU cameos in just a day in 2016. It’s been a few years passed when these issues has come to our knowledge. Mental health expert and professional could guess that this kind of issues may surface specifically due to the aging along with dementia. Fans are hoping that Stan Lee will be in a great mental state in order to continue to support his superheroes in the MCU.

Stan Lee’s work is really a huge thing to our entertainment from comics to movies and he will always be seen as the great animator of all time in the United States or perhaps in the whole world. I hope we will be seeing him in the upcoming Marvel movies.

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