The vast emptiness left in all our hearts by the SuperCell’s lack of any games that involve cartoony characters working on a farming simulation has finally been filled. Hay Day is here, and with it comes more butt-bouncing, diamond collecting, animal raising and cute little characters than anyone in their right mind could ask for. Blatantly copying Farmville’s gameplay, Hay Day cheats still manages to charm in its own right with classic characters and scenes with free diamonds from the old Farmtown. The difficulty curve is set for kids and kids at heart, but there’s enough here to keep butt-killers of all ages enthralled for an hour or two.

That’s why we’re so happy with Hay Day. Not only does it not force us to learn new skills, think in new ways or read a silly manual, it also reminds us forcibly of a challenging simulator, one of our all-time favorite platform games. It’s not that Hay Day is a bit like just any game, or vaguely resembles it in some way; it’s almost a perfect clone — except with very cute characters and pretty hi-res graphics. The most common reaction people have when first seeing the faux-3D gameplay, the controls, the icon collecting and the jump-happy action is to giggle at just how shamelessly the game takes from one of the most famous mobile platform titles of all time. The second reaction, however, is to play through.

Not that it will take much of your time, mind. Unlike the classic simulator, Hay Day is geared squarely at the kiddies. Not only is it free-to-play in scope than say the other titles, it’s fairly easy. A quest here or there may cause the typical gamer to lose a couple of minutes, but they’ll likely have built up three dozen or so extra missions by the time it becomes an issue. There are so many chances to earn extra diamonds, in fact, that we doubt anyone under the age of eight will ever find themselves actually without one to spare.

So what we have is a kid game. There’s enough here to interest older gamers, but that’s definitely not where the emphasis is. For a kid game, however, it is awfully fun in a brainless nostalgic way. The levels go back and forth between side scrolling and vertically scrolling, with a few incredibly annoying scenes that have players running straight towards the camera. The farms are straightforward and well animated, and there’s some real charm to their animation. The Simulation itself is the most impressive thing graphically, however, done with some astounding 3D modeling. Download it for you and for your younger siblings, and play it when nobody’s looking.