The news is all over the Internet, and we’ve gotten our own letter from Nintendo saying that there will be no playable code at Nintendo Spaceworld this August. Specifically, the note from NOA’s public relations company, Golin Harris, states, “The system will be revealed, and there is a chance we will see some visuals.”

This comes as no surprise, really — that’s exactly what we hoped to see in Japan. After the emphasis Nintendo has put on its new handheld, Game Boy Advance (which will be playable at the show), the note actually relieves us a bit — we were starting to expect an announcement saying information on the Starcube/Dolphin would be announced at a later date.

Here’s what we expect:

A formal announcement giving the system its final name (possibly “Starcube”).
Possibly a new launch window for the Japanese and US release, with some initial thoughts on the pricing of the unit.
A look at the final casing of the system. There probably won’t be an actual final system, but we’re likely to see some pictures of what it will look like.
A few technical demos showcasing the graphic prowess of the system.
Footage from one or two launch titles for the system, likely shown via VHS tape.
A first look at the system’s controller, reported to be one of the most innovative controllers ever made.

We might see some of the above, and we might not. The fact remains that Nintendo will show something on the its new system, and that’s all we ask for.

There’s even the possibility that we’ll actually see a real system at the show. After all, Matsushita, the company working with Nintendo on manufacturing the unit, has announced that the hardware is complete. If the casing is already finalized, it’s possible we’ll see a working system, although it’s highly doubtful.

What we’re really looking forward to is the fallout after the show. Sure, Nintendo will make some announcements and release information on its system. But once Nintendo breaks the news on its new system, we expect that other companies will then talk about their plans for the Dolphin. We hope Nintendo’s announcements will spur a flood of information from third party developers and major publishers regarding the games we can look forward to playing at or shortly after the system’s launch. Even though most of these companies don’t yet have development kits, you can almost guarantee that developers and publishers are looking at which products they can bring to the console.

We’re looking forward to the announcement regarding Nintendo’s new console. The rumors scattered about the ‘net are endless, and it’ll be nice to put those rumors to rest with some facts.

Additionally, you can look forward to hearing the big scoop on the Game Boy Advance, Nintendo’s new handheld system. Unlike the Starcube/Dolphin, the GBA will, in fact, be playable, and we’ll be able to get our hands on the system and playtest it ourselves. The titles showing off the system , like SimCity Buildit and Silent Hill GBA, sound exciting and are likely to blow us away on the small system. We also hope to finally hear whether or not Metroid will make an appearance on the new handheld, or if it might even be a new title for the Starcube/Dolphin.

As difficult as the last several months have been in the world of Nintendo, the coming weeks offer endless waves of excitement and anticipation as we get closer to the unveiling. August 24th is only three weeks away, and that means only two more Starcube Fridays without real facts. Savor this moment, Nintendo fans — the world is about to be hit with greatness, and we’re going to be there to witness it.